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Commit 2ac53c5b authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

a couple of things in TODO

parent e5b60501
- rename the languages to "Why" and "WhyML". "Why3ML" is a horrible name.
- let modules register new command-line options. This would deprecate
the "stop flags" in Debug, and serve, for instance, for --type-only,
--parse-only, ocaml code extraction, printing of modules, etc.
- introduce a dedicated buffer-backed formatter for warnings.
The contents of the buffer would be shown on stdout or in a window
at selected points of program execution. Demote non-critical errors
(e.g. unnamed type variables) to warnings.
- should we create a common [exception Why.Error of exn] to facilitate
integration of the library? This would require a special [raise] call:
why_raise e = raise (Why.Error e)
......@@ -45,8 +66,8 @@ WhyML
require tedious checks pretty much everywhere in the code,
and they cannot be translated to OCaml.
- open
......@@ -58,52 +79,32 @@ syntaxe
match ... with 0 :: r -> ... | ...
- env should not contain theories under the null path.
The current implementation of Typing.find_theory is potentially broken.
- should split_goal provide a "right-hand side only split"?
- produce reparsable tasks in Why3 format: how to preserve information about
the origins of symbols to be able to use drivers after reparsing?
- weak memoization in transformations has a disadvantage: if a task or a decl
is not changed by a transformation, it will stay in the hash table forever,
since the key is the value. Should we use generation numbers in arguments
and results of transformations?
François -- I don't get that point the weak Hashtbl that we use
are designed to work on this case, even with the identity function.
What we should do is a way to remove the task from a session when
they are not needed anymore.
- uses : pour l'instant, l'ordre des théories dans le fichier est important
i.e. les théories mentionnées par uses doivent être définies précédemment
- open (et échouer si "open A" et "open B" avec A et B déclarant un symbole
de même nom)
error reporting
- should we create a common [exception Why.Error of exn] to facilitate
integration of the library? This would require a special [raise] call:
why_raise e = raise (Why.Error e)
- save the output of the prover
- escape the string in the xml
- the filenames in the location inside a session should be relative
to the session_dir.
to the session_dir.
- the tools should verify that the provers have the same version
than reported in the configuration
than reported in the configuration
Andrei: isn't this done?
- Maybe : make something generic for the dialog box with memory.
- autodetection can be modified now that only name/version/altern
are taken into account in session.
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