Commit 2aaff9ae authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Z3 errors: fix the regexp in driver

parent dbaaf081
......@@ -27,7 +27,7 @@ transformation "encoding_smt"
outofmemory "(error \".*out of memory\")\\|Cannot allocate memory"
timeout "interrupted by timeout"
(* stop reporting Z3 2.19 warnings as errors *)
fail "^(error \"\\(W\\(A\\(R\\(N\\(I\\(N[^G]\\|[^N]\\)\\|[^I]\\)\\|[^N]\\)\\|[^R]\\)\\|[^A]\\)\\|[^W]\\)\\(.*\\)\")" "Error: \1"
fail "^(error \"\\(\\(W\\(A\\(R\\(N\\(I\\(N[^G]\\|[^N]\\)\\|[^I]\\)\\|[^N]\\)\\|[^R]\\)\\|[^A]\\)\\|[^W]\\).*\\)\")" "Error: \\1"
(** Extra theories supported by Z3 *)
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