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Abstract machine CEK for lambda-calculus

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......@@ -188,14 +188,14 @@ type context =
(** The CEK abstract machine :
{h <blockquote><pre>
&lt;x, e, C&gt;_eval -> &lt;C, v&gt;_cont
(x, e, C)_eval -> (C, v)_cont
where v = lookup x e
&lt;\x.t, e, C&gt;_eval -> &lt;C, (\x.t, e)&gt;_cont
&lt;t0 t1, e, C&gt;_eval -> &lt;t0, e, [C (t1, e)]&gt;_eval
(\x.t, e, C)_eval -> (C, (\x.t, e))_cont
(t0 t1, e, C)_eval -> (t0, e, [C (t1, e)])_eval
&lt;[], v&gt;_cont -> v
&lt;[C (t, e)], v&gt;_cont -> &lt;t, e, [v C]&gt;_eval
&lt;[(\x.t, e) C], v&gt;_cont -> &lt;t, (x, v) :: e, C&gt;_eval
([], v)_cont -> v
([C (t, e)], v)_cont -> (t, e, [v C])_eval
([(\x.t, e) C], v)_cont -> (t, (x, v) :: e, C)_eval
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