Commit 29d517f6 authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot
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why3ide: Make all the registered transformations usable in the ide.


  - make the "on hover" prettyer (Find the size used by gtk for the
    popup message en set pp_set_margin to this size?)

  - Some transformations (ex: smoke_detector_*) should we mark them
    specialy during the registration i norder to warn the user?
parent 29201f7c
......@@ -1247,6 +1247,14 @@ let split_selected_goals () =
let inline_selected_goals () =
apply_trans_on_selection inline_transformation
let escape_text = Glib.Markup.escape_text
let sanitize_markup x =
let remove = function
| '_' -> "__"
| c -> String.make 1 c in
Ident.sanitizer remove remove (escape_text x)
let () =
let add_separator () =
......@@ -1261,12 +1269,37 @@ let () =
~label:"Inline in selection"
() : GMenu.image_menu_item) in
let add_submenu_transform nonsplitting () =
let non_splitting = tools_factory#add_submenu
(if nonsplitting
then "non-splitting transformations"
else "splitting transformations") in
let non_splitting = new GMenu.factory non_splitting ~accel_group in
let iter ((name,_) as desc) =
let callback () = apply_trans_on_selection name in
let ii = non_splitting#add_image_item
~label:(sanitize_markup name) ~callback () in
(Pp.string_of Trans.print_trans_desc desc) in
let trans =
if nonsplitting
then Trans.list_transforms ()
else Trans.list_transforms_l () in
let trans = List.sort (fun (x,_) (y,_) -> x y) trans in
List.iter iter trans in
add_refresh_provers add_separator "add separator in tools menu";
add_refresh_provers add_item_split "add split in tools menu";
add_refresh_provers add_item_inline "add inline in tools menu";
add_refresh_provers (add_submenu_transform true)
"add non splitting transformations in tools menu";
add_refresh_provers (add_submenu_transform false)
"add splitting transformations in tools menu";
add_separator ();
add_item_split ();
add_item_inline ()
add_item_inline ();
add_submenu_transform true ();
add_submenu_transform false ()
let () =
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