Commit 27436a2f authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

fix Number.print_hex_real

parent b614cb92
......@@ -201,8 +201,7 @@ let print_dec_real support fmt =
let print_hex_real support fmt =
check_support support.hex_real_support
(Some "0x%s.%sp%s")
(fun s i f e -> fprintf fmt s i f
(match e with None -> "0" | Some e -> remove_minus e))
(fun s i f e -> fprintf fmt s i f (Opt.get_def "0" e))
(* TODO: add support for decay to decimal floats *)
(check_support support.frac_real_support None
(fun (PrintFracReal (exp_zero, exp_pos, exp_neg)) i f e ->
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