Commit 25a65bc7 authored by Stefan Berghofer's avatar Stefan Berghofer

Also output name of theory containing declaration

parent b0e17029
......@@ -41,10 +41,6 @@ let elems' s pr fmt xs = elems s nothing pr fmt ((), xs)
let pair pr pr' fmt (x, y) = fprintf fmt "%a%a" pr x pr' y
let print_opt pr fmt = function
| None -> ()
| Some x -> pr fmt x
let opt_string_of_bool b = if b then Some "true" else None
(* identifiers *)
......@@ -57,7 +53,9 @@ let iprinter = fresh_printer ()
let thprinter = fresh_printer ()
let forget_ids () = forget_all iprinter
let forget_ids () =
forget_all iprinter;
forget_all thprinter
(* type variables *)
......@@ -77,25 +75,32 @@ let print_vs fmt vs =
let forget_var vs = forget_id iprinter vs.vs_name
let print_ts fmt ts =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter ts.ts_name)
let print_ls fmt ls =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter ls.ls_name)
let print_pr fmt pr =
fprintf fmt "%s" (id_unique iprinter pr.pr_name)
(* info *)
type info = {
info_syn : syntax_map;
symbol_printers : (string * ident_printer) Mid.t;
realization : bool;
theories : string Mid.t;
let print_id fmt id = string fmt (id_unique iprinter id)
let print_altname_path info fmt id =
attribs "altname" string
(print_option (attrib "path" string))
fmt (id.id_string, Mid.find_opt id info.theories)
let print_id_attr info fmt id =
attribs "name" print_id (print_altname_path info)
fmt (id, id)
let print_ts info fmt ts = print_id_attr info fmt ts.ts_name
let print_ls info fmt ls = print_id_attr info fmt ls.ls_name
let print_pr info fmt pr = print_id_attr info fmt pr.pr_name
let print_id_real info fmt id =
let path, ipr = Mid.find id info.symbol_printers in
......@@ -104,7 +109,6 @@ let print_id_real info fmt id =
attribs "name" print_id (attrib "local" string) fmt (id, "true")
let print_ts_real info fmt ts = print_id_real info fmt ts.ts_name
let print_pr_real info fmt pr = print_id_real info fmt pr.pr_name
(** Types *)
......@@ -277,12 +281,12 @@ let rec dest_conj t = match t.t_node with
(** Declarations *)
let print_constr info fmt (cs, _) =
elems "constr" (attrib "name" print_ls) (print_ty info) fmt (cs, cs.ls_args)
elems "constr" (print_ls info) (print_ty info) fmt (cs, cs.ls_args)
let print_tparams = elems' "params" (empty_elem "param" (attrib "name" print_tv))
let print_data_decl info fmt (ts, csl) =
elem "datatype" (attrib "name" print_ts)
elem "datatype" (print_ts info)
(pair print_tparams (elems' "constrs" (print_constr info)))
fmt (ts, (ts.ts_args, csl));
forget_tvs ()
......@@ -296,7 +300,7 @@ let print_data_decls info fmt tl =
let print_statement s pr id info fmt f =
let vl, prems, concl = dest_rule [] [] f in
elem s (attrib "name" pr)
elem s pr
(elems' "prems" (print_term info Sls.empty))
(elems' "concls" (print_term info Sls.empty)))
......@@ -307,11 +311,11 @@ let print_statement s pr id info fmt f =
let print_equivalence_lemma info fmt (ls, ld) =
let name = Ident.string_unique iprinter
((id_unique iprinter ls.ls_name) ^ "_def") in
print_statement "lemma" string name info fmt (ls_defn_axiom ld)
print_statement "lemma" (attrib "name" string) name info fmt (ls_defn_axiom ld)
let print_fun_eqn s info defs fmt (_, ld) =
let print_fun_eqn s info defs fmt (ls, ld) =
let vl, t = dest_forall [] (ls_defn_axiom ld) in
elem' s (print_term info defs) fmt t;
elem s (print_altname_path info) (print_term info defs) fmt (ls.ls_name, t);
List.iter forget_var vl
let print_logic_decl info fmt ((ls, _) as d) =
......@@ -341,13 +345,13 @@ let print_recursive_decl info fmt dl =
let print_ind info defs fmt (pr, f) =
let vl, fl, g = dest_rule [] [] f in
elem "rule" (attrib "name" print_pr)
elem "rule" (print_pr info)
(pair (elems' "prems" (print_term info defs)) (print_term info defs))
fmt (pr, (fl, g));
List.iter forget_var vl
let print_ind_decl info defs fmt (ps, bl) =
elem "pred" (attrib "name" print_ls)
elem "pred" (print_ls info)
(pair (print_ls_type info) (print_list nothing (print_ind info defs)))
fmt (ps, (ps, bl))
......@@ -367,14 +371,14 @@ let print_ind_decls info s fmt tl =
let print_type_decl info fmt ts =
if not (Mid.mem ts.ts_name info.info_syn || is_ts_tuple ts) then
(elem "typedecl" (attrib "name" print_ts)
(pair print_tparams (print_opt (print_ty info)))
(elem "typedecl" (print_ts info)
(pair print_tparams (print_option (print_ty info)))
fmt (ts, (ts.ts_args, ts.ts_def));
forget_tvs ())
let print_param_decl info fmt ls =
if not (Mid.mem ls.ls_name info.info_syn) then
(elem "param" (attrib "name" print_ls) (print_ls_type info) fmt (ls, ls);
(elem "param" (print_ls info) (print_ls_type info) fmt (ls, ls);
forget_tvs ())
let print_prop_decl info fmt (k, pr, f) =
......@@ -385,7 +389,7 @@ let print_prop_decl info fmt (k, pr, f) =
| Pgoal -> "lemma"
| Pskip -> assert false (* impossible *)
print_statement stt print_pr pr info fmt f
print_statement stt (print_pr info) pr info fmt f
let print_decl info fmt d =
match d.d_node with
......@@ -408,6 +412,9 @@ let print_decl info fmt d =
let print_decls info fmt dl =
print_list nothing (print_decl info) fmt dl
let make_thname th = String.concat "." (th.Theory.th_path @
[id_unique thprinter th.Theory.th_name])
let print_task printer_args realize fmt task =
forget_ids ();
(* find theories that are both used and realized from metas *)
......@@ -456,15 +463,16 @@ let print_task printer_args realize fmt task =
info_syn = get_syntax_map task;
symbol_printers = symbol_printers;
realization = realize;
theories = make_thname
(Task.used_symbols (Task.used_theories task));
elem "theory"
(attribs "name" string (print_opt (attrib "realize" string)))
(attribs "name" string (print_option (attrib "realize" string)))
(elems' "realized" (empty_elem "require"
(attrib "name" (fun fmt (th, _) ->
string fmt (String.concat "." (th.Theory.th_path @
[id_unique thprinter th.Theory.th_name]))))))
string fmt (make_thname th)))))
(print_decls info))
((thname, opt_string_of_bool realize),
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