Commit 25472f1d authored by Florian Schanda's avatar Florian Schanda Committed by François Bobot
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[SMTV2] add the tokens of cvc4 as keywords

parent 7a9c7a06
......@@ -20,6 +20,7 @@ open Decl
open Theory
open Printer
(** SMTLIB tokens taken from CVC4: src/parser/smt2/Smt2.g *)
let ident_printer =
let bls = (*["and";" benchmark";" distinct";"exists";"false";"flet";"forall";
"if then else";"iff";"implies";"ite";"let";"logic";"not";"or";
......@@ -29,29 +30,39 @@ let ident_printer =
(** smtlib2 V2 p71 *)
[(** General: *)
"!";"_"; "as"; "DECIMAL"; "exists"; "forall"; "let"; "NUMERAL";
"par"; "STRING";
(**Command names:*)
"assert";"check-sat"; "declare-sort";"declare-fun";"define-sort";
"define-fun";"exit";"get-assertions";"get-assignment"; "get-info";
"get-option"; "get-proof"; "get-unsat-core"; "get-value"; "pop"; "push";
"set-logic"; "set-info"; "set-option";
(** for security *)
[(** Base SMT-LIB tokens *)
"assert"; "check-sat"; "declare-fun"; "declare-sort"; "define-fun";
"define-sort"; "get-value"; "get-assignment"; "get-assertions";
"get-proof"; "get-unsat-core"; "exit"; "ite"; "let"; "!"; "_";
"set-logic"; "set-info"; "get-info"; "set-option"; "get-option";
"push"; "pop"; "as";
(** extended commands *)
"declare-datatypes"; "get-model"; "echo"; "assert-rewrite";
"assert-reduction"; "assert-propagation"; "declare-sorts";
"declare-funs"; "declare-preds"; "define"; "declare-const";
(** attributes *)
(** operators, including theory symbols *)
"and"; "distinct"; "exists"; "forall"; "is_int"; "not"; "or"; "select";
"store"; "to_int"; "to_real"; "xor";
"div"; "mod";
"concat"; "bvnot"; "bvand"; "bvor"; "bvneg"; "bvadd"; "bvmul"; "bvudiv";
"bvurem"; "bvshl"; "bvlshr"; "bvult"; "bvnand"; "bvnor"; "bvxor";
"bvcomp"; "bvsub"; "bvsdiv"; "bvsrem"; "bvsmod"; "bvashr"; "bvule";
"bvugt"; "bvuge"; "bvslt"; "bvsle"; "bvsgt"; "bvsge";
(** Other stuff that Why3 seems to need *)
(** SMT-LIB Theories *)
(** SmtV2 core *)
"Bool"; "true";"false"; "not"; "and"; "or"; "xor"; "distinct"; "ite";
(** arrays -- this really belongs to the driver! (esp. const) *)
(** Ints theory *)
"div"; "mod"; "abs";
(** Fixed_Size_BitVectors theory *)
"BitVec"; "concat"; "extract"; "bv2nat"; "nat2bv"; "bvnot"; "bvneg";
"bvand"; "bvor"; "bvand"; "bvmul"; "bvudiv"; "bvurem"; "bvshl";
"bvlshr"; "bvult";
(** SMTv2's Reals_Ints theory *)
"to_int"; "to_real"; "is_int"
"Bool"; "true"; "false";
"BitVec"; "extract"; "bv2nat"; "nat2bv"
let san = sanitizer char_to_alpha char_to_alnumus in
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