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Commit 24933cd1 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Avoid using Queue.t for a one-shot data structure, especially an unordered one.

parent 69e8633a
......@@ -400,15 +400,14 @@ let get_new_results ~blocking = (* TODO: handle ProverStarted events *)
let forward_results ~blocking =
get_new_results ~blocking;
let q = Queue.create () in
let q = ref [] in
Hashtbl.iter (fun key element ->
if element = ProverStarted && blocking then
Queue.push (ServerCall key, element) q) result_buffer;
q := (ServerCall key, element) :: !q) result_buffer;
Hashtbl.clear result_buffer;
let query_result_buffer id =
try let r = Hashtbl.find result_buffer id in
......@@ -163,10 +163,8 @@ type prover_update =
| ProverStarted
| ProverFinished of prover_result
val forward_results: blocking:bool -> (prover_call * prover_update) Queue.t
(** returns new results that are given by why3server. *)
val forward_results: blocking:bool -> (prover_call * prover_update) list
(** returns new results from why3server, in an unordered fashion. *)
val query_call : prover_call -> prover_update
(** non-blocking function that reports any new updates
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