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Commit 20f70cfe authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich

whyml: do not reprove invariants of non-modified variables

parent 4f2fd028
......@@ -661,13 +661,18 @@ let create_lenv uc = {
(* invariant handling *)
let env_invariant lenv svs =
let env_invariant lenv eff svs =
let kn = get_known lenv.mod_uc in
let lkn = Theory.get_known (get_theory lenv.mod_uc) in
let add_vs vs inv =
let regs = Sreg.union eff.eff_writes eff.eff_ghostw in
let add_vs vs (pinv,qinv) =
let ity = (restore_pv vs).pv_vtv.vtv_ity in
t_and_simp inv (Mlw_wp.full_invariant lkn kn vs ity) in
Svs.fold add_vs svs t_true
let written r = reg_occurs r ity.ity_vars in
let inv = Mlw_wp.full_invariant lkn kn vs ity in
t_and_simp pinv inv,
if Sreg.exists written regs then t_and_simp qinv inv else qinv
Svs.fold add_vs svs (t_true,t_true)
let post_invariant lenv inv ity q =
let vs, q = open_post q in
......@@ -678,10 +683,10 @@ let post_invariant lenv inv ity q =
Mlw_ty.create_post vs q
let spec_invariant lenv svs ity spec =
let inv = env_invariant lenv svs in
let post_inv = post_invariant lenv inv in
let pinv,qinv = env_invariant lenv spec.c_effect svs in
let post_inv = post_invariant lenv qinv in
let xpost_inv xs q = post_inv xs.xs_ity q in
{ spec with c_pre = t_and_simp spec.c_pre inv;
{ spec with c_pre = t_and_simp spec.c_pre pinv;
c_post = post_inv ity spec.c_post;
c_xpost = Mexn.mapi xpost_inv spec.c_xpost }
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