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Commit 20df9505 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Ide: command-line - adding again the description of commands in the popup.

parent 9b1cf998
......@@ -1967,9 +1967,13 @@ let init_completion provers transformations strategies commands =
List.iter add_submenu_strategy strategies;
command_entry_completion#set_text_column completion_col;
(* does not work: it replaces the previous column as text result
command_entry_completion#set_text_column completion_desc;
(* Adding a column which contains the description of the
prover/transformation/strategy. *)
let name_renderer = GTree.cell_renderer_text [ ] in
name_renderer#set_properties [`BACKGROUND "lightgrey"];
command_entry_completion#pack name_renderer;
command_entry_completion#add_attribute name_renderer "text" completion_desc;
command_entry_completion#set_match_func match_function;
command_entry#set_completion command_entry_completion
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