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Commit 20ad5462 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Theory-supported clash reporting in Typing

parent 71920719
......@@ -607,8 +607,12 @@ and fmla env = function
open Ptree
let add_types dl th =
let def =
List.fold_left (fun def d -> Mstr.add d.td_ident.id d def) Mstr.empty dl
let def = List.fold_left
(fun def d ->
let id = d.td_ident.id in
if Mstr.mem id def then error ~loc:d.td_loc (Clash id);
Mstr.add id d def)
Mstr.empty dl
let tysymbols = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let rec visit x =
......@@ -660,12 +664,11 @@ let add_types dl th =
Hashtbl.add tysymbols x (Some ts);
let th' =
let tsl =
Mstr.fold (fun x _ tsl -> let ts = visit x in (ts, Tabstract) :: tsl) def []
add_decl th (create_ty_decl tsl)
let tsl = List.rev_map (fun d -> visit d.td_ident.id, Tabstract) dl in
let th' = try add_decl th (create_ty_decl tsl)
with ClashSymbol s -> error ~loc:(Mstr.find s def).td_loc (Clash s)
let csymbols = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let decl d =
let ts, th' = match Hashtbl.find tysymbols d.td_ident.id with
| None ->
......@@ -688,6 +691,7 @@ let add_types dl th =
let constructor (loc, id, pl) =
let param (_, t) = ty_of_dty (dty th' t) in
let tyl = List.map param pl in
Hashtbl.replace csymbols id.id loc;
create_fconstr (id_user id.id loc) tyl ty
Talgebraic (List.map constructor cl)
......@@ -695,7 +699,8 @@ let add_types dl th =
ts, d
let dl = List.map decl dl in
List.fold_left add_decl th (create_ty_decls dl)
try List.fold_left add_decl th (create_ty_decls dl)
with ClashSymbol s -> error ~loc:(Hashtbl.find csymbols s) (Clash s)
let env_of_vsymbol_list vl =
List.fold_left (fun env v -> Mstr.add v.vs_name.id_short v env) Mstr.empty vl
......@@ -799,18 +804,6 @@ let loc_of_id id = match id.id_origin with
| _ -> assert false
let add_inductives dl th =
(* 0. create all propositional symbols *)
let propsyms = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let create_prsyms th (loc, id, _) =
let ps = create_prsymbol (id_user id.id loc) in
Hashtbl.add propsyms id.id ps;
try add_decl th (create_prop_decl Paxiom ps f_true)
with ClashSymbol s -> error ~loc (Clash s)
let create_prsyms th d =
List.fold_left create_prsyms th d.in_def
ignore (List.fold_left create_prsyms th dl);
(* 1. create all symbols and make an environment with these symbols *)
let psymbols = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let create_symbol th d =
......@@ -826,11 +819,13 @@ let add_inductives dl th =
let th' = List.fold_left create_symbol th dl in
(* 2. then type-check all definitions *)
let propsyms = Hashtbl.create 17 in
let type_decl d =
let id = d.in_ident.id in
let ps = Hashtbl.find psymbols id in
let clause (loc, id, f) =
Hashtbl.find propsyms id.id, fmla th' f
Hashtbl.replace propsyms id.id loc;
create_prsymbol (id_user id.id loc), fmla th' f
ps, List.map clause d.in_def
......@@ -838,6 +833,7 @@ let add_inductives dl th =
List.fold_left add_decl th (create_ind_decls dl)
| ClashSymbol s -> error ~loc:(Hashtbl.find propsyms s) (Clash s)
| InvalidIndDecl (_,pr) -> errorm ~loc:(loc_of_id pr.pr_name)
"not a clausal form"
| NonPositiveIndDecl (_,pr,s) -> errorm ~loc:(loc_of_id pr.pr_name)
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