Commit 1b1cd199 authored by Jean-Christophe Filliâtre's avatar Jean-Christophe Filliâtre
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shapes of algebraic data types: name and constructor names taken into account

parent e2434596
......@@ -83,6 +83,8 @@ let tag_var = "V"
let tag_wild = "w"
let tag_as = "z"
let ident_shape ~push id acc = push id.Ident.id_string acc
let const_shape ~push acc c =
let b = Buffer.create 17 in
Format.bprintf b "%a" Pretty.print_const c;
......@@ -94,7 +96,7 @@ let rec pat_shape ~(push:string->'a->'a) c m (acc:'a) p : 'a =
| Pvar _ -> push tag_var acc
| Papp (f, l) ->
List.fold_left (pat_shape ~push c m)
(push (f.ls_name.Ident.id_string) (push tag_app acc))
(ident_shape ~push f.ls_name (push tag_app acc))
| Pas (p, _) -> push tag_as (pat_shape ~push c m acc p)
| Por (p, q) ->
......@@ -112,7 +114,7 @@ let rec t_shape ~version ~(push:string->'a->'a) c m (acc:'a) t : 'a =
push x (push tag_var acc)
| Tapp (s,l) ->
List.fold_left fn
(push (s.ls_name.Ident.id_string) (push tag_app acc))
(ident_shape ~push s.ls_name (push tag_app acc))
| Tif (f,t1,t2) -> fn (fn (fn (push tag_if acc) f) t1) t2
| Tcase (t1,bl) ->
......@@ -185,17 +187,17 @@ let pr_shape_list fmt t =
(* shape of a task *)
let param_decl_shape ~(push:string->'a->'a) (acc:'a) ls : 'a =
push (ls.ls_name.Ident.id_string) acc
ident_shape ~push ls.ls_name acc
let logic_decl_shape ~version ~(push:string->'a->'a) (acc:'a) (ls,def) : 'a =
let acc = push (ls.ls_name.Ident.id_string) acc in
let acc = ident_shape ~push ls.ls_name acc in
let vl,t = Decl.open_ls_defn def in
let c = ref (-1) in
let m = vl_rename_alpha c Mvs.empty vl in
t_shape ~version ~push c m acc t
let logic_ind_decl_shape ~version ~(push:string->'a->'a) (acc:'a) (ls,cl) : 'a =
let acc = push (ls.ls_name.Ident.id_string) acc in
let acc = ident_shape ~push ls.ls_name acc in
(fun (_,t) acc -> t_shape ~version ~push (ref (-1)) Mvs.empty acc t)
cl acc
......@@ -208,16 +210,21 @@ let propdecl_shape ~version ~(push:string->'a->'a) (acc:'a) (k,n,t) : 'a =
| Decl.Pskip -> tag_Pskip
let acc = push tag acc in
let acc = push n.Decl.pr_name.Ident.id_string acc in
let acc = ident_shape ~push n.Decl.pr_name acc in
t_shape ~version ~push (ref(-1)) Mvs.empty acc t
let constructor_shape ~push (ls, _) acc = ident_shape ~push ls.ls_name acc
let data_decl_shape ~push (tys, cl) acc =
List.fold_right (constructor_shape ~push)
cl (ident_shape ~push tys.Ty.ts_name acc)
let decl_shape ~version ~(push:string->'a->'a) (acc:'a) d : 'a =
match d.Decl.d_node with
| Decl.Dtype _ts ->
push tag_Dtype acc
| Decl.Ddata tyl ->
(fun _ty acc -> acc)
List.fold_right (data_decl_shape ~push)
tyl (push tag_Ddata acc)
| Decl.Dparam ls ->
param_decl_shape ~push (push tag_Dparam acc) ls
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