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ROADMAP: instructions to update the gallery

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......@@ -336,12 +336,20 @@ DONE * sauvegarde de la configuration : à quel endroit dans l'IDE ?
Fedora package
* produce the Why3 part of Toccata gallery
(TODO: add the procedure here)
add also a tar.gz and a ZIP file of it: this is done by doing
"make gallery-files" in the sources of the Toccata web pages
* Once the OPAM package is pulled in the main OPAM repository: a
nnounce the distrib
- have GALLERYDIR set to the sub-directory gallery/ of the git sources
of the Toccata web site, e.g.
export GALLERYDIR=/users/vals/filliatr/toccata/web/gallery
- in Why3 sources, do "make gallery"; it exports to GALLERYDIR all
Why3 programs for which there is a session
- now move to the Toccata web site sources, and
- update web/gallery/examples.rc to include new examples
- "git add" the files for these new examples (those currently untracked
in git) or simply remove them if they should not go on-line
- do "make" in web/gallery/
- do "make install-gallery" in web/
* Once the OPAM package is pulled in the main OPAM repository:
announce the distrib
What to put in the announcement: see New Features above
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