Commit 17390b39 authored by Benedikt Becker's avatar Benedikt Becker

Remove removal of location in ce-bench output

The (eager) wildcard `.*` in the sed pattern wrecked havoc on some CE output. Also, the
removal seems no longer needed for ce-bench.
parent 692959f5
......@@ -116,11 +116,6 @@ run () {
# This ad hoc sed removes diff between Timeout and Unknown (unknown)
# when running from platform with different speed.
sed -r 's/(Timeout.*$|Unknown \(unknown\).*$|Unknown \(incomplete\).*$|\Unknown \(unknown \+ incomplete\).*$|\Unknown \(unknown \+ interrupted\).*$)/Timeout or Unknown/' | \
# ad hoc sed to remove the directory of the stdlib that can be found
# inside labels attribute [@at:'Old:loc:/home/.../stdlib/array.mlw
# TODO temporary as this comes from incorrect locations generated in
# a[i] <- x like terms.
sed -r 's/\:loc\:.*\]/\:loc\:location\]/' | \
# Remove steps informations
sed -r 's/Unknown \(sat\).*$/Unknown \(sat\)/' | \
sed -r 's/Valid \(.*$/Valid/' >> "$f.out"
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