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Commit 1527d290 authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond

Change session serialization so that element ordering no longer depends on...

Change session serialization so that element ordering no longer depends on hash values but on actual values.
parent d92c6303
......@@ -502,12 +502,11 @@ let opt lab fmt = function
| None -> ()
| Some s -> fprintf fmt "%s=\"%a\"@ " lab save_string s
let save_proof_attempt provers fmt _key a =
let save_proof_attempt fmt (id,a) =
fprintf fmt
"@\n@[<v 1><proof@ prover=\"%i\"@ timelimit=\"%d\"@ \
memlimit=\"%d\"@ %aobsolete=\"%b\"@ archived=\"%b\">"
(Mprover.find a.proof_prover provers) a.proof_timelimit
id a.proof_timelimit a.proof_memlimit
(opt "edited") a.proof_edited_as a.proof_obsolete
save_status fmt a.proof_state;
......@@ -537,12 +536,18 @@ expanded=\"%b\"@ shape=\"%a\">"
g.goal_verified g.goal_expanded
save_string (Tc.string_of_shape g.goal_shape);
Ident.Slab.iter (save_label fmt) g.goal_name.Ident.id_label;
PHprover.iter (save_proof_attempt provers fmt) g.goal_external_proofs;
PHstr.iter (save_trans provers fmt) g.goal_transformations;
let l = PHprover.fold
(fun _ a acc -> (Mprover.find a.proof_prover provers, a) :: acc)
g.goal_external_proofs [] in
let l = List.sort (fun (i1,_) (i2,_) -> compare i1 i2) l in
List.iter (save_proof_attempt fmt) l;
let l = PHstr.fold (fun _ t acc -> t :: acc) g.goal_transformations [] in
let l = List.sort (fun t1 t2 -> compare t1.transf_name t2.transf_name) l in
List.iter (save_trans provers fmt) l;
Mmetas_args.iter (save_metas provers fmt) g.goal_metas;
fprintf fmt "@]@\n</goal>"
and save_trans provers fmt _ t =
and save_trans provers fmt t =
fprintf fmt "@\n@[<v 1><transf@ name=\"%a\"@ proved=\"%b\"@ expanded=\"%b\">"
save_string t.transf_name t.transf_verified t.transf_expanded;
List.iter (save_goal provers fmt) t.transf_goals;
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