Commit 13fdd091 authored by David Hauzar's avatar David Hauzar
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Handling field names that should not be displayed in counterexamples.

Do not append '.' to the name of the variable representing field access
if the field name is empty string (that is, if the field name should be
ignored in counterexample).
parent 6645b0c6
......@@ -66,7 +66,7 @@ let rec add_quant kn (vl,tl,f) v =
let s = ty_match Mtv.empty (Opt.get ls.ls_value) ty in
let mk_v ty pj =
(* The name of the field corresponding to the variable that is created *)
let field_name = begin match pj with
let field_name = (match pj with
| Some pj_ls ->
......@@ -74,17 +74,22 @@ let rec add_quant kn (vl,tl,f) v =
with Not_found -> pj_ls.ls_name.id_string
| _ -> ""
end in
) in
let field_str = if field_name <> "" then "." ^ field_name
else "" in
let label = Ident.append_to_model_element_name
~labels:v.vs_name.id_label ~to_append:("." ^ field_name) in
~labels:v.vs_name.id_label ~to_append:(field_str) in
create_vsymbol (id_lab label v.vs_name) (ty_inst s ty) in
let nvl = List.map2 mk_v ls.ls_args pjl in
let t = fs_app ls ( t_var nvl) ty in
let f = t_let_close_simp v t f in
let tl = tr_map (t_subst_single v t) tl in
(* in case any of the fields is also a record, we recurse over the new
variables. *)
List.fold_left (add_quant kn) (vl,tl,f) nvl
| _ ->
(* zero or more than one constructor *)
(v::vl, tl, f)
let let_map fn env t1 tb =
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