Commit 13028e76 authored by Martin Clochard's avatar Martin Clochard

examples/in_progress(wip): 2wp_gen, cont'd

parent c35cfb8c
......@@ -86,6 +86,10 @@ module Wp "W:non_conservative_extension:N" (* Definitions in WpImpl *)
function ctx_add (qstructure 'a) (enf_hyp 'a 'ig 'il 'o)
('ig -> context 'a) : 'ig -> context 'a
(* A potentially useful postcondition for abstractions:
empty postcondition. *)
function empty_post : 'ig -> 'il -> 'a -> rel 'o 'a
(* Abstraction combinator: replace the backward predicate
transformer by an explicit interface triple
......@@ -113,6 +117,18 @@ module Wp "W:non_conservative_extension:N" (* Definitions in WpImpl *)
abstraction_transformer e.game_strct gf eh }
ensures { game_sames result e }
(* Kontinuation combinator: take an enforcement record that
may use a continuation for the place right there as last
hypothesis, and send back one which does not need it.
Programming analogy: this is call/cc. *)
function kontinuation_transformer
(transformer 'a 'i 'o) : transformer 'a 'i 'o
val ghost ktrap (e:enforce 'a 'i 'o) : enforce 'a 'i 'o
requires { enforce_inv e }
ensures { enforce_inv result }
ensures { game_sames result e }
ensures { result.transformp --> kontinuation_transformer e.transformp }
(* Hide away from main namespace definitions & axioms
related to computation rules *)
namespace LOCAL
......@@ -254,6 +270,28 @@ module Wp "W:non_conservative_extension:N" (* Definitions in WpImpl *)
meta rewrite prop abstraction_transformer_rule
meta remove_prop prop abstraction_transformer_rule
axiom empty_post_rule :
forall xg:'ig,xl:'il,xs:'a,y:'o,ys.
empty_post xg xl xs y ys <-> false
meta rewrite prop empty_post_rule
meta remove_prop prop empty_post_rule
function kont_pre (q:rel 'o 'a) : 'i -> rel 'o 'a
axiom kont_pre_rule : forall q,xl:'i,y:'o,ys:'a.
kont_pre q xl y ys <-> q y ys
meta rewrite prop kont_pre_rule
meta remove_prop prop kont_pre_rule
axiom kontinuation_transformer_rule :
forall t:transformer 'a 'i 'o,ctx q x xs.
app_transformer (kontinuation_transformer t) ctx q x xs <->
let eh = { pre = kont_pre q; post = empty_post;
pre_strct = q_def; post_strct = q_unit } in
let ctx' = ctx_cons (transf_hyp (enf_transf q_def x eh)) ctx in
app_transformer t ctx' q x xs
meta rewrite prop kontinuation_transformer_rule
meta remove_prop prop kontinuation_transformer_rule
(* TODO: erase those, they are harnesses. *)
......@@ -726,6 +764,54 @@ module WpImpl
(* Second combinator: kontinuation trap. *)
function empty_post : 'a -> 'b -> 'c -> 'd -> 'e -> bool =
\_ _ _ _ _. false
function kontinuation_transformer
(t:transformer 'a 'i 'o) : transformer 'a 'i 'o =
\ctx q x xs.
let eh = { pre = const q; post = empty_post;
pre_strct = q_def; post_strct = q_unit } in
t (Cons (enf_hyp x eh) ctx) q x xs
let ghost ktrap (e:enforce 'a 'i 'o) : enforce 'a 'i 'o
requires { enforce_inv e }
ensures { result.transformp = kontinuation_transformer e.transformp }
ensures { game_sames result e }
ensures { enforce_inv result }
= let res = { e with transformp = kontinuation_transformer e.transformp } in
assert { forall x q ctx.
let r = eqv e.game_valid in let o = e.game_order in
let cv = conj (vld_fmla r o o) (ordering o) in
let cx = hyp_fmla r (ctx_union ctx) in
let c = conj cx cv in
let p = res.transformp ctx q x in
let p2 = related r p in let q2 = related r (e_lift q) in
holds c (enforce p2 q2)
by is_fmla c
so let k = enforce q2 none in
holds (conj c k) (enforce p2 q2)
by let cx' = conj cx k in
let c' = conj cx' cv in
holds c' (enforce p2 q2)
by let eh = { pre = const q; post = empty_post;
pre_strct = q_def; post_strct = q_unit } in
let h0 = enf_hyp x eh in
let ctx' = Cons h0 ctx in
let cx'' = hyp_fmla r (ctx_union ctx') in
(p = e.transformp ctx' q x by sext p (e.transformp ctx' q x))
so holds cx' cx''
by holds k (hyp_fmla r h0)
by let h1 = direct_enf_hyp x eh in
holds k (hyp_fmla r h1)
by forall pq. h1 pq -> holds k (pre_post_fmla r pq)
by let (p',q') = pq in
exists xl xs. p' = inter (q xl) ((=) xs)
so let p2' = related r p' in let q2' = related r q' in
holds k (enforce p2' q2')
by subset p2' q2 /\ holds k k
......@@ -807,15 +893,7 @@ module WpImpl
weaker_hypothesis h1 h2
predicate weaker_hypothesis_prelude (h1 h2:hyp 'a) =
not weaker_hypothesis h1 h2
(* TODO/FIXME: For some 'impossible' reason, defining ctx_nil run into
opaqueness problems !
Apparently, this have to do with ig/context 'a appearing
only in the output.
This can be fixed by putting extra 'dummy' arguments to mark 'a/'ig,
but this is rather inelegant. We will axiomatize it until Why3
bug is fixed. *)
constant ctx_nil : 'ig -> context 'a (* = \_. Nil *)
axiom ctx_nil_def : forall xg:'ig. ctx_nil xg = (Nil:context 'a)
constant ctx_nil : 'ig -> context 'a = \_. Nil
function ctx_add (qstructure 'a)
(eh:enf_hyp 'a 'ig 'il 'o)
(ctxf:'ig -> context 'a) : 'ig -> context 'a =
......@@ -833,8 +911,11 @@ module WpImpl
function ctx_nil = ctx_nil,
function ctx_add = ctx_add,
predicate proof_obligations = proof_obligations_ex,
function empty_post = empty_post,
function abstraction_transformer = abstraction_transformer_ex,
val abstraction = abstraction_ex,
function kontinuation_transformer = kontinuation_transformer,
val ktrap = ktrap,
predicate LOCAL.app_transformer = app_transformer,
type LOCAL.hyp = hyp,
type LOCAL.ftransformer = ftransformer,
......@@ -870,7 +951,11 @@ module WpImpl
goal LOCAL.sub_context_empty,
goal LOCAL.sub_context_add,
goal LOCAL.sub_context_refl,
goal LOCAL.abstraction_transformer_rule
goal LOCAL.abstraction_transformer_rule,
goal LOCAL.empty_post_rule,
function LOCAL.kont_pre = const,
goal LOCAL.kont_pre_rule,
goal LOCAL.kontinuation_transformer_rule
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