Commit 125c92ac authored by Raphael Rieu-Helft's avatar Raphael Rieu-Helft
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Change extraction of for loops to avoid an integer overflow

parent e62996dd
......@@ -936,15 +936,21 @@ module MLToC = struct
let init_e = C.Ebinop (Bassign, ei, C.Evar (sb.pv_vs.vs_name)) in
let incr_op = match dir with To -> C.Upostincr | DownTo -> C.Upostdecr in
let incr_e = C.Eunop (incr_op, ei) in
let test_op = match dir with To -> C.Ble | DownTo -> C.Bge in
let test_e = C.Ebinop (test_op, ei, C.Evar (eb.pv_vs.vs_name)) in
let init_test_op = match dir with | To -> C.Blt | DownTo -> C.Bgt in
let init_test = C.Sif (C.Ebinop(init_test_op,
C.Evar (eb.pv_vs.vs_name),
C.Evar (sb.pv_vs.vs_name)),
Sbreak, Snop) in
let end_test = C.Sif (C.Ebinop (C.Beq, ei, C.Evar eb.pv_vs.vs_name),
Sbreak, Snop) in
let env' = { env with computes_return_value = false;
in_unguarded_loop = true;
breaks =
if env.in_unguarded_loop
then Sid.empty else env.breaks } in
let bd, bs = expr info env' body in
[di], C.Sfor(init_e, test_e, incr_e, C.Sblock (bd,bs))
let bs = C.Sseq(init_test, C.Sseq (bs, end_test)) in
[di], C.Sfor(init_e, Enothing, incr_e, C.Sblock (bd,bs))
| _ -> raise (Unsupported "for loops")
| Ematch (({e_node = Eapp(rs,_)} as e1), [Ptuple rets,e2], [])
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