Commit 1136e75e authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: be more careful about let-lifting

parent d7f6b848
......@@ -908,6 +908,8 @@ and expr_desc lenv loc de = match de.de_desc with
let e2 = expr lenv de2 in
e_let def1 e2 in
let rec flatten e1 = match e1.e_node with
| Elet (ld,_) (* can't let a non-ghost expr from a ghost one *)
when gh && not (vty_ghost ld.let_expr.e_vty) -> mk_expr e1
| Elet (ld,e1) -> e_let ld (flatten e1)
| _ -> mk_expr e1 in
begin match e1.e_vty with
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