Commit 1106dc76 authored by Simon Cruanes's avatar Simon Cruanes
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memory limit for tptp provers in conf

parent da66c135
......@@ -24,10 +24,10 @@ driver = "drivers/z3.drv"
[prover spass]
name = "spass"
command = "SPASS -TPTP -PGiven=0 -PProblem=0 -DocProof -TimeLimit=%t %f 2>&1"
command = "why-cpulimit 0 %m SPASS -TPTP -PGiven=0 -PProblem=0 -DocProof -TimeLimit=%t %f 2>&1"
driver = "drivers/tptp.drv"
[prover eprover]
name = "eprover"
command = "eprover -s --print-statistics -xAuto -tAuto --memory-limit=Auto --cpu-limit=%t --tstp-in %f 2>&1"
command = "why-cpulimit 0 %m eprover -s --print-statistics -xAuto -tAuto --cpu-limit=%t --tstp-in %f 2>&1"
driver = "drivers/tptp.drv"
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