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fix CHANGES file

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......@@ -26,9 +26,10 @@ version 0.70, July 6, 2011
with session. Detection must be done with why3config --detect-provers
o [IDE] bug 12244 resolved by using Task.task_equal
o [IDE] tool "Replay" works
o [IDE] tool "Reload" reloads the file from disk. No need to exit IDE anymore
o [IDE] does not use Threads anymore, thanks to Call_provers.query_call
o [IDE] displays explanations using labels of the form "expl:..."
o [IDE] dropped dependence on Sqlite
o [IDE] dropped dependence on Sqlite3
o [Alt-Ergo output] bugfix: no triggers for "exists" quantifier
o [Coq output] bugfix: polymorphic inductive predicates
o [Coq output] fixed bug 12934: type def with several type params
......@@ -88,8 +88,6 @@
- threads problem in IDE solved (by not using threads anymore)
- IDE: not necessary to exit to change the input file: just use "reload"
* DONE update why3 output of Why2, release Why 2.30
* The last commit (A):
** DONE increment the magic number in config
** add a tag to the git repository
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