Commit 0e833cee authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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add a missing type unification

parent 3c204e66
......@@ -781,14 +781,16 @@ let add_logics dl th =
| None -> fs,None
| Some t ->
let loc = t.pp_loc in
let ty = dty denv ty in
let t = dterm denv t in
if not (unify t.dt_ty ty) then
term_expected_type ~loc t.dt_ty ty;
let vl = match fs.ls_value with
| Some _ -> mk_vlist fs.ls_args
| _ -> assert false
let env = env_of_vsymbol_list vl in
try make_fs_defn fs vl (term env t)
with _ -> term_expected_type ~loc t.dt_ty (dty denv ty)
make_fs_defn fs vl (term env t)
let dl = type_decl dl in
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