Commit 0e32c288 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler
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Scroll to goal in source if source tab is focused.

parent 05552871
......@@ -309,6 +309,11 @@ let source_view_table : (int * GSourceView2.source_view * bool ref * GMisc.label
(* The corresponding file does not have a source view *)
exception Nosourceview of string
let get_source_view_table (file:string) =
match Hstr.find source_view_table file with
| v -> v
| exception Not_found -> raise (Nosourceview file)
(* This returns the source_view of a file *)
let get_source_view (file: string) : GSourceView2.source_view =
match Hstr.find source_view_table file with
......@@ -969,12 +974,30 @@ let convert_color (color: color): string =
| Premise_color -> "premise_tag"
| Goal_color -> "goal_tag"
let move_to_line ~yalign (v : GSourceView2.source_view) line =
let line = max 0 line in
let line = min line v#buffer#line_count in
let it = v#buffer#get_iter (`LINE line) in
v#buffer#place_cursor ~where:it;
let mark = `MARK (v#buffer#create_mark it) in
v#scroll_to_mark ~use_align:true ~yalign mark
(* TODO Do we want an option to choose if we aggressivily switch to the correct
source location each time we receive locations with task or not *)
let always_scroll = false
(* Add a color tag on the right locations on the correct file.
If the file was not open yet, nothing is done *)
let color_loc ~color loc =
let f, l, b, e = Loc.get loc in
let v: GSourceView2.source_view = get_source_view f in
let (n, v, _, _) = get_source_view_table f in
if color = Goal_color then
if always_scroll then
notebook#goto_page n;
move_to_line ~yalign:0.0 v l;
let color = convert_color color in
color_loc ~color v l b e
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