Commit 0db24f49 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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Restore display of actual command line when Call_provers.debug is on

parent 432388ba
......@@ -284,8 +284,18 @@ let actualcommand command limit file =
args, !use_stdin, !on_timelimit
let actualcommand ~cleanup ~inplace command limit file =
try actualcommand command limit file
let (cmd, _,_) as x =
actualcommand command limit file
Debug.dprintf debug "@[<hv 2>Call_provers: actual command is:@ @[%a@]@]@."
(Pp.print_list pp_print_string) cmd;
with e ->
"@[<hv 2>Call_provers: failed to build an actual corresponding to@ %s@]@."
if cleanup then Sys.remove file;
if inplace then Sys.rename (backup_file file) file;
raise e
......@@ -439,8 +449,6 @@ let call_editor ~command fin =
let command, use_stdin, _ =
actualcommand ~cleanup:false ~inplace:false command empty_limit fin in
let exec = List.hd command in
Debug.dprintf debug "@[<hov 2>Call_provers: editor command is: %a@]@."
(Pp.print_list pp_print_string) command;
let argarray = Array.of_list command in
let fd_in =
if use_stdin then Unix.openfile fin [Unix.O_RDONLY] 0 else Unix.stdin in
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