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Commit 0b8634b0 authored by Sylvain Dailler's avatar Sylvain Dailler

Adding a search command.

Added a last set which is build at the same time of the name_tables which
is a map from id to list of decls where id is used. This has to be tested
if this is actually efficient (time and memory). If not, we can still
disallow it with a boolean.
parent 48b0fa2e
......@@ -25,10 +25,15 @@ let sanitizer x = x (*sanitizer char_to_lalpha char_to_lalpha x*)
let id_unique printer id =
id_unique_label printer ~sanitizer:sanitizer id
type id_decl = (Decl.decl list) Ident.Mid.t
type name_tables = {
namespace : namespace;
known_map : known_map;
printer : ident_printer;
(* Associate an id to a list of declarations in which it is used *)
id_decl : id_decl;
(* Use symb to encapsulate ids into correct categories of symbols *)
......@@ -81,6 +86,50 @@ let ind_decl_add il tables =
let rec insert l d =
match l with
| hd :: tl -> if hd == d then l else hd :: insert tl d
| [] -> [d]
let add_decls_id id d tables =
let l = try (Ident.Mid.find id tables.id_decl) with
| Not_found -> [] in
{tables with id_decl = Ident.Mid.add id (insert l d) tables.id_decl}
(* [add_id tables d t] To all identifiants id used in t, adds the associated
declaration d in the table.id_decl *)
let rec add_id tables d t =
match t.t_node with
| Tvar v -> add_decls_id v.vs_name d tables
| Tconst _ | Ttrue | Tfalse -> tables
| Tapp (l, tl) ->
let tables = add_decls_id l.ls_name d tables in
List.fold_left (fun tables t -> add_id tables d t) tables tl
| Tlet (t, tb) ->
let tables = add_id tables d t in
let (_v1, t1) = t_open_bound tb in
add_id tables d t1
| Tcase (t, tbl) ->
let tables = add_id tables d t in
List.fold_left (fun tables ob ->
let (_pat, t) = t_open_branch ob in
add_id tables d t) tables tbl
| Teps (tb) ->
let (_v, t) = t_open_bound tb in
add_id tables d t
| Tquant (_, tq) ->
let (_vl, _, t) = t_open_quant tq in
add_id tables d t
| Tbinop (_, t1, t2) ->
let tables = add_id tables d t1 in
add_id tables d t2
| Tnot (t) ->
add_id tables d t
| Tif (t1, t2, t3) ->
let tables = add_id tables d t1 in
let tables = add_id tables d t2 in
add_id tables d t3
(* [add d printer tables] Adds all new declaration of symbol inside d to tables.
It uses printer to give them a unique name and also register these new names in printer *)
let add (d: decl) (tables: name_tables): name_tables =
......@@ -125,20 +174,23 @@ let add (d: decl) (tables: name_tables): name_tables =
ind_decl_add tables ind)
| Dprop (_, pr, _) ->
| Dprop (_, pr, t) ->
(* Only pr is new in Dprop (see create_prop_decl) *)
let id = pr.pr_name in
let s = id_unique tables.printer id in
add_unsafe s (Pr pr) tables
let tables = add_unsafe s (Pr pr) tables in
add_id tables d t
let build_name_tables task : name_tables =
let pr = fresh_printer () in
let km = Task.task_known task in
let empty_decls = Ident.Mid.empty in
let tables = {
namespace = empty_ns;
known_map = km;
printer = pr;
id_decl = empty_decls
} in
(* We want conflicting names to be named as follows:
names closer to the goal should be named with lowest
......@@ -5,10 +5,13 @@ open Task
(** Pre-processing of tasks, to build unique names for all declared
identifiers of a task.*)
type id_decl = (Decl.decl list) Ident.Mid.t
type name_tables = {
namespace : Theory.namespace;
known_map : Decl.known_map;
printer : ident_printer;
id_decl : id_decl;
val build_name_tables : Task.task -> name_tables
......@@ -654,6 +654,29 @@ let test_print_id fmt args =
| [s] -> print_id s task fmt
| _ -> Format.fprintf fmt "Wrong number of arguments"
let search s fmt task =
let tables = Args_wrapper.build_name_tables task in
let id_decl = tables.Args_wrapper.id_decl in
let id = try Some (find_any_id tables.Args_wrapper.namespace s) with
| Not_found -> Format.fprintf fmt "Does not exists @."; None in
if id = None then () else
let id = Opt.get id in
let l =
try Some (Ident.Mid.find id id_decl) with
| Not_found -> None in
if l = None then () else
Format.fprintf fmt "%a @."
(Pp.print_list (fun fmt _ -> Format.fprintf fmt "\n")
(Why3printer.print_decl tables)) (Opt.get l)
let test_search_id fmt args =
let id = nearest_goal () in
let task = get_task cont.controller_session id in
match args with
| [s] -> search s fmt task
| _ -> Format.fprintf fmt "Wrong number of arguments"
let commands =
......@@ -669,6 +692,7 @@ let commands =
"c", "<provername> [timelimit [memlimit]] run a prover on the current goal", test_schedule_proof_attempt;
"st", "<c> apply the strategy whose shortcut is 'c'", run_strategy;
"print", "<s> print the declaration where s was defined", test_print_id;
"search", "<s> print some declarations where s appear", test_search_id;
"g", "prints the current goal", test_print_goal;
"r", "reload the session (test only)", test_reload;
"rp", "replay", test_replay;
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