Commit 0b6ec4df authored by François Bobot's avatar François Bobot

hashweak : keep alive the weak hashset in order to fix the segfault

parent 744b4d5b
......@@ -155,7 +155,24 @@ module Make (S : Weakey) = struct
let iter fn t = H.iter (fun k -> fn k (find t k)) t.tbl_set
let fold fn t = H.fold (fun k -> fn k (find t k)) t.tbl_set
let tbl_final t = iterk (fun k -> Hashtbl.remove (tag_map k) t.tbl_tag) t
(** This table is just a hack to keep alive the weak hashset :
Indeed that circunvent a strange behavior/bug of weak hashset,
when a weak hashset is garbage collected it will not anymore
remove the dead elements from it. So during finalize or if the
hashset is keep alive, we can acces invalid pointer...
So to summarize we keep alive the weak hashset until we don't need them
let gen_table = Hashtbl.create 5
let tbl_final_aux t =
iterk (fun k -> Hashtbl.remove (tag_map k) t.tbl_tag) t
let tbl_final t =
tbl_final_aux t;
(** We don't need anymore the weak hashset, we can release it *)
Hashtbl.remove gen_table t.tbl_tag
(** All the hashweak that can be collected. When a hashweak is
garbage collected we need to remove its tag from the key
......@@ -173,13 +190,14 @@ module Make (S : Weakey) = struct
tbl_set = H.create n;
tbl_tag = (incr c; !c) }
Hashtbl.add gen_table t.tbl_tag t.tbl_set;
Gc.finalise (fun t -> ProdConsume.add t t_collected) t;
let find x y = collect (); find x y
let set x y z = collect (); set x y z
let clear t = collect (); tbl_final t; H.clear t.tbl_set
let clear t = collect (); tbl_final_aux t; H.clear t.tbl_set
let length t = H.count t.tbl_set
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