Commit 0a6d4f21 authored by Clément Fumex's avatar Clément Fumex

Raises the minimum OCaml version requirement to 4.02.3

parent a9d0aefc
...@@ -176,8 +176,8 @@ OCAMLVERSION=`$OCAMLC -v | sed -n -e 's|.*version* *\(.*\)$|\1|p' ` ...@@ -176,8 +176,8 @@ OCAMLVERSION=`$OCAMLC -v | sed -n -e 's|.*version* *\(.*\)$|\1|p' `
echo "ocaml version is $OCAMLVERSION" echo "ocaml version is $OCAMLVERSION"
0.*|1.*|2.*|3.*|4.00.*) 0.*|1.*|2.*|3.*|4.00.*|4.01.*|4.02.[[0-2]])
AC_MSG_ERROR(You need Objective Caml 4.01.0 or higher);; AC_MSG_ERROR(You need Objective Caml 4.02.3 or higher);;
esac esac
# Ocaml library path # Ocaml library path
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