Commit 0a03b056 authored by David Hauzar's avatar David Hauzar
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Bugfix - syntactic error in the description of the transformation.

parent 394797ca
......@@ -309,7 +309,7 @@ let print_prop_decl args info fmt k pr f = match k with
(Pp.print_list (print_fmla info)) model_list;*)
fprintf fmt "@[(get-value (";
List.iter (fun f ->
fprintf str_formatter "%a" (print_fmla info) f;
fprintf str_formatter "%a" (print_fmla info) f;
let s = flush_str_formatter () in
fprintf fmt "@\n;; %s@\n%s" s s;
) model_list;
......@@ -9,10 +9,6 @@
(* *)
open Ident
open Term
open Decl
......@@ -128,12 +124,14 @@ let meta_transform2 projs =
let map_projs = build_projections_map projs in
Trans.decl (introduce_projs map_projs) None
let intro_projections_counterexmp = Trans.on_tagged_ls meta_projection meta_transform2
let intro_projections_counterexmp =
Trans.on_tagged_ls meta_projection meta_transform2
let () = Trans.register_transform "intro_projections_counterexmp" intro_projections_counterexmp
~desc:"Introduce@ new@ constant@ symbol@ for@ every@ term@ with@ model@ \
label@ that@ has@ the@ same@ type@ as@ an@ argument@ of@ some@ function@ \
labeled@ with@ meta@ model_projectionin@ the@ goal."
~desc:"For@ each@ declared@ abstract@ function@ and@ predicate@ p@ labeled@ with@ label@ \
model_projected@ for@ that@ it@ exists@ a@ projection@ function@ f@ creates@ declaration@ of@ \
new@ constant@ c@ and@ axiom@ stating@ that c = f p"
Local Variables:
......@@ -10,7 +10,27 @@
val intro_projections_counterexmp : Task.task Trans.trans
(** [intros G f] returns the declarations after introducing
new constant symbol for every term with model label that has the
same type as an argument of some function labeled with meta
model_projection in the goal [goal G : f] *)
Transformation that for each declared abstract function and predicate
p labeled with label "model_projected" for that it exists a projection
function f creates declaration of new constant c and axiom stating that
c = f p
Projection functions are functions tagged with meta "model_projection".
Function f is projection function for abstract function and predicate p
if f is tagged with meta "model_projection" and has a single argument
of the same type as is the type of p.
This transformation is needed in situations when we want to display not
value of a variable, but value of a projection function applied to a variable.
Note that since Why3 supports namespaces (different projection functions
can have the same name) and input languages of solvers typically not,
Why3 renames projection functions to avoid name clashes.
This is why it is not possible to just store the name of the projection
function in a label and than query the solver directly for the value of
the projection.
Also, it means that this transformation should thus be executed before
this renaming.
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