Commit 09c00e20 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: some additional checks for ghost writes

parent f2752054
......@@ -318,7 +318,12 @@ let e_let ({ let_var = lv ; let_expr = d } as ld) e =
into a bigger ghost expression, then a ghost exception raised from d
and catched there is benign. A good test is to traverse top-level
definitions from top to bottom and check if exceptions escape from
the outermost ghost subexpressions. The same for ghost writes. *)
the outermost ghost subexpressions. The same goes for ghost writes,
though it is not really constraining: a normal use case for ghost
regions is via ghost mutable fields or ghost references, and in
both cases reading those regions would naturally be ghost, too.
For exceptions, it might be just enough to never catch a ghost
exception in a non-ghost code. *)
(* If we make a ghost write inside d, then the modified region cannot
be read in a later non-ghost code. We ignore eventual resets in e;
a once ghostified region must stay so, even if if reset. *)
......@@ -555,7 +560,22 @@ let e_assign_real mpv pv =
let eff = eff_assign eff_empty ~ghost r pv.pv_vtv.vtv_ity in
let vars = add_pv_vars pv (add_pv_vars mpv Mid.empty) in
let vty = VTvalue (vty_value ~ghost ity_unit) in
mk_expr (Eassign (mpv,r,pv)) vty eff vars
let e = mk_expr (Eassign (mpv,r,pv)) vty eff vars in
(* FIXME? Ok, this is awkward. We prohibit assignments
where a ghost value is being written in a non-ghost
mutable lvalue (which is reasonable), but we build the
offending expression nonetheless and include it into
the exception! But in fact, there is nothing inherently
bad in such expressions, and the check here serves only
to catch potential problems early. Indeed, it is quite
easy to fool: it suffices to write (ghost r).val <- ghv,
to put a ghost value ghv into a non-ghost reference r.
The real check is written above in e_let, where we ensure
that every ghost write (whether it was made into a ghost
lvalue or not) is never followed by a non-ghost read. *)
if not mpv.pv_vtv.vtv_ghost && pv.pv_vtv.vtv_ghost then
raise (GhostWrite (e,r));
let e_assign me e =
let assign pv mpv = e_assign_real mpv pv in
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