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example(in_progress): 2wp_gen, added sequence

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......@@ -188,6 +188,7 @@ module FmlaRulesProof
use import choice.Choice
use import order.Order
use import order.Chain
use import int.Int
use import game.Game
use import game.StratProps
use import transfinite.Iterates
......@@ -709,6 +710,20 @@ module FmlaRulesProof
so have_uniform_winning_strat g (rel_map r ((=) strt)) (rel_map r bottom)
lemma reflexive : forall c,p:'a -> bool. holds c (enforce p p)
predicate iprod (o1:'a -> 'a -> bool) (o2:'b -> 'b -> bool) (x y:('a,'b)) =
let (a,b) = x in let (c,d) = y in
o1 a c /\ (a = c -> b = d)
lemma iorder_product : forall o1 o2. order o1 /\ order o2 ->
let ip = iprod o1 o2 in order ip
by (reflexive ip by forall x. ip x x by let (y,_) = x in o1 y y)
/\ (transitive ip by forall x y z:('a,'b). ip x y /\ ip y z ->
ip x z by let ((a,_),(b,_),(c,_)) = (x,y,z) in o1 a b /\ o1 b c)
/\ (antisymetric ip by forall x y. ip x y /\ ip y x ->
x = y by let ((a,_),(b,_)) = (x,y) in a = b)
lemma sequence : forall c,p q r:'a -> bool. is_fmla c ->
holds c (enforce p q) /\ holds c (enforce q r) -> holds c (enforce p r)
by forall g. game_wf g /\ c g -> enforce p r g
......@@ -718,22 +733,44 @@ module FmlaRulesProof
by let c'' = conj c' (enforce r bottom) in
(holds c'' (enforce p r) by subset bottom r /\ subset p p)
by holds c'' (enforce p bottom)
by let i = \b. if b then q else p in
holds c'' (universal (u_enforce i (cst bottom))) /\
u_enforce i (cst bottom) false = enforce p bottom
by let o = \a b. a -> b in
holds c'' (universal (u_enforce i (later o i))) /\
by let i = \u y. let (n,x) = u in x = y /\
if n = 0 then p x else
if n = 1 then q x else
if n = 2 then r x else false in
(holds c'' (universal (u_enforce i (cst bottom)))
so forall g. game_wf g /\ c'' g ->
have_uniform_winning_strat g p bottom
by forall x. p x -> have_winning_strat g x bottom
by u_enforce i (cst bottom) (0,x) g)
by let o = iprod (<=) go in
(holds c'' (universal (u_enforce i (later o i)))
by forall u. let lu = later o i u in holds c'' (enforce (i u) lu)
by "case_split"
let (n,_) = u in
if n = 0 then
subset q lu by forall x. q x -> i (n+1,x) x so lu x
else if n = 1 then
subset r lu by forall x. r x -> i (n+1,x) x so lu x
else subset bottom lu) /\
holds c'' (ordering go) /\
order o /\
(forall ch inh x. chain (oprod go o) ch /\ supremum go (proj1 ch) x /\
ch inh /\
(forall x y. ch (x,y) -> i y x) ->
exists y. upper_bound o (proj2 ch) y /\ i y x)
(*holds c (universal (u_enforce i (later o i))) /\
holds c (ordering go) /\ order o /\
(forall ch x. chain (oprod go o) ch /\ supremum go (proj1 ch) x /\
(forall x y. ch (x,y) -> i y x) ->
exists y. upper_bound o (proj2 ch) y /\ i y x) ->
holds c (universal (u_enforce i (cst bottom)))*)
(exists y. upper_bound o (proj2 ch) y /\ i y x)
by (exists z. maximum (oprod go o) ch z
so let (x,y) = z in upper_bound o (proj2 ch) y /\ i y x /\
maximum go (proj1 ch) x
) || (false by
let under = \n. forall m x y. m >= n -> not ch (x,(m,y)) in
(forall n. under n -> under (n-1)
by forall x y. let z = (x,(n-1,y)) in
ch z -> false by upper_bound (oprod go o) ch z
by forall u. ch u -> let (_,(m,_)) = u in
m <= n-1
so (oprod go o u z)
|| (oprod go o z u so z = u so false))
so under 3 so under 0 so let (_,(_,_)) = inh in false))
clone FmlaRules with
goal enforce_fmla,
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