Commit 0891d5c1 authored by DAILLER Sylvain's avatar DAILLER Sylvain

Merge branch 'ide_source' into 'master'

Ide source

See merge request !245
parents 025c5e94 29f376a6
......@@ -1027,10 +1027,15 @@ let current_cursor_loc = ref None
let move_to_line ?(character=0) ~yalign (v : GSourceView.source_view) line =
let line = max 0 (line - 1) in
let line = min line v#buffer#line_count in
let it = v#buffer#get_iter (`LINECHAR (line, character)) in
(* Warning : Do not use LINECHAR here as it fails when there is not enough
char on the line. *)
let it = v#buffer#get_iter (`LINE line) in
let it = it#forward_chars character in
v#buffer#place_cursor ~where:it;
let mark = `MARK (v#buffer#create_mark it) in
v#scroll_to_mark ~use_align:true ~yalign ~xalign:0.5 mark
(* Make the left side of the code always visible *)
let xalign = 1.0 in
v#scroll_to_mark ~use_align:true ~yalign ~xalign mark
(* Scroll to a specific locations *)
let scroll_to_loc ~force_tab_switch loc_of_goal =
......@@ -2138,7 +2143,6 @@ let (_: GMenu.menu_item) =
~tooltip:"After find cursor ident, return back to cursor"
(* "Tools" menu items *)
let tools_menu = factory#add_submenu "_Tools"
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