Commit 07d37d46 authored by Mário Pereira's avatar Mário Pereira

Extraction: minor

parent 286c5c2b
......@@ -733,7 +733,11 @@ module Translate = struct
| PDlet (LDsym ({rs_cty = cty} as rs, {c_node = Cfun e})) ->
let args = params cty.cty_args in
let res = mlty_of_ity cty.cty_mask cty.cty_result in
let e = expr info Stv.empty e in
let svar =
let args' = (fun (_, ty, _) -> ty) args in
let svar = List.fold_left add_tvar Stv.empty args' in
add_tvar svar res in
let e = expr info svar e in
let e = fun_expr_of_mask cty.cty_mask e in
[Mltree.Dlet (Mltree.Lsym (rs, res, args, e))]
| PDlet (LDrec rl) ->
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