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Commit 06d18eed authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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Merge branch 'issue_203' into 'master'

"at/old operator unused" is now a warning not an error.

See merge request !42
parents cc76300e 431ed6ca
......@@ -59,6 +59,26 @@ bads () {
warns () {
test -d $1 || exit 1
rm -f bench_errors
for f in $1/*.[wm][hl][yw] ; do
printf " $f... "
if ! $pgm $2 $f > /dev/null 2>bench_errors; then
echo "FAILED!"
echo "invocation: $pgm $2 $f"
exit 1
if ! test -s bench_errors; then
echo "invocation: $pgm $2 $f"
exit 1
echo "ok"
drivers () {
test -d $1 || exit 1
......@@ -250,8 +270,10 @@ echo ""
echo "=== Checking bad files ==="
goods bench/typing/bad --parse-only
goods bench/programs/bad-typing --parse-only
goods bench/programs/warn-typing --parse-only
bads bench/typing/bad --type-only
bads bench/programs/bad-typing --type-only
warns bench/programs/warn-typing --type-only
goods bench/typing/x-bad --type-only
echo ""
......@@ -30,6 +30,9 @@ let debug_parse_only = Debug.register_flag "parse_only"
let debug_type_only = Debug.register_flag "type_only"
~desc:"Stop@ after@ type-checking."
let debug_useless_at = Debug.register_flag "ignore_useless_at"
~desc:"Remove@ warning@ for@ useless@ at/old."
(** symbol lookup *)
let rec qloc = function
......@@ -365,8 +368,8 @@ let rec dterm ns km crcmap gvars at denv {term_desc = desc; term_loc = loc} =
(* check if the label has actually been defined *)
ignore (Loc.try2 ~loc gvars (Some l) (Qident id));
let e1 = dterm ns km crcmap gvars (Some l) denv e1 in
if not (Hstr.find at_uses l) then Loc.errorm ~loc
"this `at'/`old' operator is never used";
if not (Hstr.find at_uses l) && Debug.test_noflag debug_useless_at then
Warning.emit ~loc "this `at'/`old' operator is never used";
Hstr.remove at_uses l;
DTattr (e1, Sattr.empty)
| Ptree.Tscope (q, e1) ->
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