Commit 069f9ece authored by Guillaume Melquiond's avatar Guillaume Melquiond
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Fix Coq output of mutually-defined inductive predicates.

parent b422bc17
......@@ -874,24 +874,32 @@ let print_recursive_decl ~old info fmt dl =
List.iter (print_equivalence_lemma ~old info fmt) dl_syn
let print_ind info fmt (pr,f) =
fprintf fmt "@[<hov 4>| %a : %a@]" print_pr pr (print_fmla info) f
let print_ind_decl info s fmt (ps,bl) =
let print_ind_decl info fmt ps bl =
let _, _, all_ty_params = ls_ty_vars ps in
lsymbols_under_definition := Sls.add ps Sls.empty;
fprintf fmt "(* Why3 assumption *)@\n@[<hov 2>%s %a %a: %aProp :=@ @[<hov>%a@].@]@\n"
(match s with Ind -> "Inductive" | Coind -> "CoInductive")
fprintf fmt " %a %a: %aProp :=@ @[<hov>%a@]"
print_ls ps print_implicit_params all_ty_params
(print_arrow_list (print_ty info)) ps.ls_args
(print_list newline (print_ind info)) bl;
fprintf fmt "@\n";
lsymbols_under_definition := Sls.empty
let print_ind_decl info s fmt d =
if not (Mid.mem (fst d).ls_name info.info_syn) then
(print_ind_decl info s fmt d; forget_tvs ())
let print_ind_decls info s fmt tl =
let none =
List.fold_left (fun first (ps,bl) ->
if Mid.mem ps.ls_name info.info_syn then first
else begin
if first then
fprintf fmt "(* Why3 assumption *)@\n@[<hov 2>%s"
(match s with Ind -> "Inductive" | Coind -> "CoInductive")
else fprintf fmt "@\nwith";
print_ind_decl info fmt ps bl;
forget_tvs ();
end) true tl in
if not none then fprintf fmt ".@]@\n@\n"
let print_prop_decl ~prev info fmt (k,pr,f) =
ignore prev;
......@@ -944,7 +952,7 @@ let print_decl ~old info fmt d =
| Dlogic ll ->
print_recursive_decl ~old info fmt ll
| Dind (s, il) ->
print_list nothing (print_ind_decl info s) fmt il
print_ind_decls info s fmt il
| Dprop (_,pr,_) when not info.realization && Mid.mem pr.pr_name info.info_syn ->
| Dprop pr ->
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