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Commit 05583b01 authored by Andrei Paskevich's avatar Andrei Paskevich
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whyml: refresh unmodified subregions in abstract parameters

parent 16351b6f
......@@ -11,10 +11,6 @@ WhyML
Should they be always reset at the last arrow? What if they are
already reset at some earlier arrows, should we reset them again?
- in "val" and "any", when a region rho is written into, but some
subregion rho' of rho is not, should we reset rho' under rho?
In Mlw_typing or in Mlw_expr?
- current WP does not respect the lexical scope. In the program
let r = create 0 in
......@@ -116,7 +116,7 @@ let print_effect fmt eff =
let print_reset r = function
| None -> print_reg "fresh" r
| Some u ->
fprintf fmt "{reset %a@ under %a}@ " print_regty r print_regty u
fprintf fmt "{refresh %a@ under %a}@ " print_regty r print_regty u
Sreg.iter (print_reg "read") eff.eff_reads;
Sreg.iter (print_reg "write") eff.eff_writes;
......@@ -520,8 +520,13 @@ let eff_is_empty e =
Sexn.is_empty e.eff_ghostx &&
Mreg.is_empty e.eff_resets
let join_reset _key v1 v2 =
Some (if option_eq reg_equal v1 v2 then v1 else None)
let join_reset _key v1 v2 = match v1, v2 with
| Some r1, Some r2 ->
if reg_equal r1 r2 then Some v1 else
if reg_occurs r1 r2.reg_ity.ity_vars then Some v2 else
if reg_occurs r2 r1.reg_ity.ity_vars then Some v1 else
Some None
| _ -> Some None
let eff_union x y = {
eff_reads = Sreg.union x.eff_reads y.eff_reads;
......@@ -559,6 +564,12 @@ let eff_reset e r = { e with eff_resets = Mreg.add r None e.eff_resets }
exception IllegalAlias of region
let eff_refresh e r u =
if not (reg_occurs r u.reg_ity.ity_vars) then
invalid_arg "Mlw_ty.eff_refresh";
let reset = Mreg.singleton r (Some u) in
{ e with eff_resets = Mreg.union join_reset e.eff_resets reset }
let eff_assign e ?(ghost=false) r ty =
let e = eff_write e ~ghost r in
let sub = ity_match ity_subst_empty r.reg_ity ty in
......@@ -217,6 +217,7 @@ val eff_write : effect -> ?ghost:bool -> region -> effect
val eff_raise : effect -> ?ghost:bool -> xsymbol -> effect
val eff_reset : effect -> region -> effect
val eff_refresh : effect -> region -> region -> effect
val eff_assign : effect -> ?ghost:bool -> region -> ity -> effect
val eff_remove_raise : effect -> xsymbol -> effect
......@@ -817,6 +817,15 @@ let rec type_c lenv gh svs vars dtyc =
and add_ity ity eff = Sreg.fold add_reg ity.ity_vars.vars_reg eff in
add_ity v.vtv_ity eff
| VTarrow _ -> eff in
(* refresh every unmodified subregion of a modified region *)
let writes = Sreg.union eff.eff_writes eff.eff_ghostw in
let check u eff =
let rec sub_reg r eff =
if Sreg.mem r writes then eff else sub_vars r (eff_refresh eff r u)
and sub_vars r eff = Sreg.fold sub_reg r.reg_ity.ity_vars.vars_reg eff in
sub_vars u eff in
let eff = Sreg.fold check writes eff in
(* create the spec *)
let spec = {
c_pre = create_pre lenv dtyc.dc_pre;
c_effect = eff;
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