Commit 01d2e275 authored by MARCHE Claude's avatar MARCHE Claude
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nightly bench: policy upgrade Coq8.4pl2 to pl4

parent 13bbd6e2
......@@ -91,6 +91,15 @@ target_name = "Coq"
target_version = "8.4pl4"
version = "8.4pl5"
[uninstalled_prover policy2]
alternative = ""
name = "Coq"
policy = "upgrade"
target_alternative = ""
target_name = "Coq"
target_version = "8.4pl4"
version = "8.4pl2"
# run the bench
......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
<goal name="WP_parameter size" expl="VC for size">
<proof prover="0"><result status="valid" time="0.02" steps="69"/></proof>
<proof prover="0"><result status="valid" time="0.02" steps="68"/></proof>
<goal name="WP_parameter add" expl="VC for add">
<proof prover="0"><result status="valid" time="0.02" steps="71"/></proof>
<proof prover="0"><result status="valid" time="0.02" steps="70"/></proof>
<goal name="WP_parameter nth_flatten" expl="VC for nth_flatten">
<transf name="split_goal_wp">
......@@ -41,7 +41,7 @@
<proof prover="6"><result status="valid" time="0.24"/></proof>
<goal name="WP_parameter nth_flatten.5" expl="5. postcondition">
<proof prover="0" obsolete="true"><result status="unknown" time="0.04"/></proof>
<proof prover="0"><result status="unknown" time="0.04"/></proof>
<proof prover="1"><result status="valid" time="0.07"/></proof>
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