Commit 01426d9a authored by Stefan Berghofer's avatar Stefan Berghofer

Output proof obligations for inductive predicates

In analogy to the equivalence lemmas for recursive function definitions,
the introduction rules of a (co)inductive predicate are output as proof
obligations in realization mode if syntax has been declared for the
parent 0b9d7d1f
......@@ -360,14 +360,17 @@ let print_coind fmt s = match s with
| Coind -> attrib "coind" string fmt "true"
let print_ind_decls info s fmt tl =
let tl' = List.filter (fun (ps, _) ->
not (Mid.mem ps.ls_name info.info_syn)) tl in
let tl_syn, tl_no_syn = List.partition (fun (ps, _) ->
info.realization && (Mid.mem ps.ls_name info.info_syn)) tl in
let defs = List.fold_left (fun acc (ps, _) ->
Sls.add ps acc) Sls.empty tl' in
if tl' <> [] then begin
elems "inductive" print_coind (print_ind_decl info defs) fmt (s, tl');
Sls.add ps acc) Sls.empty tl_no_syn in
if tl_no_syn <> [] then begin
elems "inductive" print_coind (print_ind_decl info defs) fmt (s, tl_no_syn);
forget_tvs ()
List.iter (fun (_, rls) ->
List.iter (fun (pr, f) ->
print_statement "lemma" (print_pr info) pr info fmt f) rls) tl_syn
let print_type_decl info fmt ts =
if not (Mid.mem ts.ts_name info.info_syn || is_ts_tuple ts) then
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