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    why3execute: Add execution for floats and reals (depends from mpfr) · ae5ddf91
    Sylvain Dailler authored
    This adds an optional dependency on MPFR to run why3execute for floats. It
    is also used for reals (represented as intervals of floats).
    This commit does the following changes:
    - update the configure/Makefile to allow MPFR dependency
    - adds a MPFR wrapper so that why3execute can still be compiled if MPFR is
      not installed. In this case, an exception is raised when executing on
    - some updates are made to the standard library so that real/float
      functions are part of the program world (and can be executed).
    - pinterp changes to make elementary functions from real and float
    - add some tests under bench/interp for manual testing of this feature
    Note that the correctness of the results given for reals depends on the
    precision. A too low precision may give unexpected results.