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    why3session info : add --edited-files option which · 890ca844
    François Bobot authored
    print all the edited files which appear in the session.
    In conjonction with --print0 which prints '\000' instead of '\n' that
    give a safe way to "git add" all the edited files of a session:
    why3session info --edited-files --print0 vstte12_bfs.mlw |xargs -0 git add
    Since why3session accept the why3session.xml (it uses the basename as
     session directory) you can add all the edited file of all the session
    saved in a git repository with:
    git ls-files -z |grep -z -e "why3session.xml$" |xargs -0 why3session info --edited-files --print0 | xargs -0 git add
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