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    new prover identification: remove id · 5a3641ec
    François Bobot authored
           Remove the id in prover that is used only for command-line, use
           instead the name,version,alternative of the prover. One can
           also use regular expression (start with ^).
           "Alt-Ergo,0.92,with arrays" corresponds only to one prover
           "Alt-Ergo,^0\.9.*,with arrays" correspond to all the Alt-Ergo prover with arrays which version match "0\.9.*"
           "Alt-Ergo" is the same thing than "Alt-Ergo,^,^"
           "Alt-Ergo,0.92," corresponds only to one prover with the alternate fields empty
           "Alt-Ergo,,with arrays" corresponds to "Alt-Ergo,^,with arrays" since the version is never empty.
           Provers identification are case sensitive even if it is
           currently more complicated for the user because
           case-insensitiveness is not sufficient. Specifiying "alt-ergo"
           for "Alt-Ergo,^,^" is great, but not if there is more than one
           match. A more general system of shortcut would be more