1. 12 Jan, 2017 7 commits
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      docker/vidjil/Dockerfile generic repo address · f6b40975
      RyanHerb authored
      The repository address was set to a server-specific address. This one
      should always point to the correct server
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      uwsgi-entrypoint.sh fix databases ownership · 193a8769
      RyanHerb authored
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      docker-compose.yml all volumes in the same place · 676d3c76
      RyanHerb authored
      Some volumes were mounted in a different location from the rest of the
      Now everything will be easier to find in one single folder
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      docker-commmpose.yml chqnge mysql default volume · 6841d350
      RyanHerb authored
      The mysql volume was by default set to the hosts mysql installation.
      Although it was convenient for some parts of the development process,
      this could be troublesome in the future.
      It now mounts to the same place as the uploads, results and web2py
      database files
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      docker/reporter/Dockerfile hackin' apt-get · 0d68fb8e
      RyanHerb authored
      For some reason we are getting a hash sum mismatch on `apt-get update`
      when building the image for the reporter.
      This little hack helps prevent that error.
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      docker-compose.yml remove vidjil volume mounts · 56e910b4
      RyanHerb authored
      Some volumes were added to mount vidjil from the host.
      Although this makes it easier to handle the contents of the vidjil
      directory, it's not very user-friendly and also means the installation
      is not self-sufficient.
      Removing the volumes lets the containers default to the vidjil
      installation already contained within the vidjil docker image.
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      create_db.sql change default user in db · 2763d55a
      RyanHerb authored
      The default database user for the docker installation was set to a
      username we are not used to manipulating, and was a source of confusion.
      Hopefully this change will lead to less confusion.
  2. 13 Oct, 2016 1 commit
  3. 10 Oct, 2016 1 commit
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      docker switching to docker compose · 3b641b92
      HERBERT Ryan authored
      The initial docker configuration wasn't working correctly, so this was
      an opportunity to switch to a docker-compose to manage individual
      This allowed to also better fit the docker philosophy of lightweight
      containers that manage only a single services and/or process
  4. 23 Sep, 2016 1 commit