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......@@ -50,10 +50,20 @@ function Clone(data, model, index, attributes) {
this.split = false
this.seg = {};
this.segEdited = false
// Link to another clone that include this one in his cluster (after merge)
this.mergedId = undefined
this.attributes = attributes
var key = Object.keys(data)
//// Attributes specific for distribution clones
// list of compatible real clones that share the same values for available axis
this.lst_compatible_clones = undefined
// Number of reads and clones, currently.
// Updated at real clone manipualtion, (change filter values, top, ...)
this.current_clones = undefined
this.current_reads = undefined
for (var i=0; i<key.length; i++ ){
......@@ -735,7 +745,8 @@ Clone.prototype = {
* Define a list of compatible real clones
* Define a list of compatible real clones that share the same values for available axis
* The list is sample dependant and differ for each sample
* This list is called at the creation of the clone
defineCompatibleClones: function(){
......@@ -763,7 +774,9 @@ Clone.prototype = {
* Compute the current size of a distrib clone. SUbstract active clone that share same distribution values
* Compute the current size of a distrib clone. Substract active clone that share same distribution values
* This allow to get the current number of reads or clones that are represented by a distribution clone
* Use the list of compatible clones, define for each sample/timepoint to look at if they are filtered or not at the moment
* Will be call at each change top, filter or search action
* @return {[type]} [description]
......@@ -72,14 +72,18 @@ as well with the locus selection.
- Other objects: `Report`, `Shortcut`
Extends functionalities but requires elements from the full `index.html`.
### Clone attributes
Clone use [boolean mask]( in order to specify attributes.
These attributes allow specific behavior inside the client.
Each clone has one (and only one) of these attributes.
Each clone has one (and only one) attributes linked to his type/size.
Either its raw size is constant (`_CONSTANT`), either it is computed from other clones (`_DISTRIB`, `_OTHER`).
Note that, that in each case, the displayed size can be different from the raw size
due to normalizations.
......@@ -103,6 +107,38 @@ Each clone that has values on the current axes will be displayed in the 'scatter
Each clone that has a sequence will be displayed in the bottom 'segmenter' panel.
### Creation of common clones
Three types of clone are now created combining some of the attributes
In the following example, `data` is an map specifying values for a clone (locus, segments, number of reads, ...).
* `Constant` clone: actual individual clones,
described into an item of the `clones` list in the `.vidjil` file
// Constant
* `Other`, or smaller clones: corresponding to the sum of each clones of a given locus, with size dynamically computed to take into account the current filter and viewable constant clones.
// Other
new Clone(data, model, index, C_SIZE_OTHER);
* `Distribution` clones correspond to `distributions` lists of the `.vidjil` file.
See "distributions" in ``.
They are aggregate information on clones that won't be shown individually in the client,
and are useful to display views such a "simulated Genescan".
They are generated by `model.loadAllDistribClones()`, that agregates such data for each sample.
// Distributions
new Clone(data, model, index, C_SIZE_DISTRIB | C_INTERACTABLE | C_IN_SCATTERPLOT );
## Integrating the client
......@@ -385,6 +385,19 @@ Distributions can be on several axes, like both V/J (here seg3/seg5).
Distributions from a `.vidjil` files can be computed by `tools/`,
giving the desired list of distributions
through the `-d` option. For the above example, run:
python -d lenSeqAverage -d seg3,seg5 sample_42.vidjil
The command ` -l` yields the list of available axes,
but currently only `lenSeqAverage` and `seq3,seq5` are supported.
Adding axes can be done trough in `get_values()` in `tools/`.
Note that axes should also be added to `browser/js/axes.js` to be displayed in the client.
## `germlines` list \[optional\]\[work in progress, to be documented\]
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