Commit d6d56623 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud

js/clone.js, tests: typos, clean

parent c5152235
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......@@ -106,8 +106,6 @@ Clone.prototype = {
computeWarnings: function() {
if (this.coverage < this.COVERAGE_WARN)
this.warn.push({'code': 'W51', 'level': warnLevels[WARN], 'msg': 'Low coverage (' + this.coverage.toFixed(3) + ')'}) ;
......@@ -140,7 +140,7 @@ QUnit.test("name, informations, getHtmlInfo", function(assert) {
assert.equal(c1.isWarned(), 'warn', "clone1 is warned (client, bad e-value)")
assert.equal(c2.isWarned(), false, "clone2 is not warned (only 'info')")
assert.equal(c3.isWarned(), 'warn', "clone3 is warned with 'warn'")
assert.equal(c4.isWarned(), 'error', "clone3 is warned with 'error'")
assert.equal(c4.isWarned(), 'error', "clone4 is warned with 'error'")
assert.equal(c5.isWarned(), false, "clone5 is not warned")
assert.equal(c3.getSequenceName(), "custom name", "get name clone3 : custom name");
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