Commit ade9fb8b authored by Mikael Salson's avatar Mikael Salson

CountKmerAffectAnalyser: searchMax now returns -1 when max isn't found.

Should have been done since the beginning. If we're missing at least one of the affectation.
there is no point in looking for the maximum (at least, it is meaningless).
parent 93d22139
......@@ -373,6 +373,8 @@ void CountKmerAffectAnalyser<T>::setAllowedOverlap(int overlap) {
template <class T>
int CountKmerAffectAnalyser<T>::searchMax(const T&before, const T& after,
int start, int end, int iter, int min) const {
if (count(before) == 0 || count(after) == 0)
return -1;
int first_pos_max = -1;
int max_value = min;
int shift = KmerAffectAnalyser<T>::kms.getS() - overlap - 1;
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