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......@@ -391,8 +391,18 @@ rvm use 2.6.1
gem install minitest minitest-ci watir test-unit
***** Install web browsers
The Firefox version used can be set with an environment variable (see
below). All Firefox releases are [[ ][available here]].
below). By default, the tests only work with Firefox ≤ 45. But this can be
modified with an environment variable. All Firefox releases are [[ ][available
One can instead choose to launch functional tests using chrome. You should
install =chromium-browser= as well as =chromium-chromedriver=. On old Chrome
versions the =chromedriver= package may not exist. In such a case you should
[[][download the ChromeDriver by yourself]] (the supported Chrome versions are
written in the =notes.txt= file of each version).
**** Launch browser tests
......@@ -400,6 +410,7 @@ below). All Firefox releases are [[
make functional
***** Environment variables
By default the tests are launched on the Firefox installed on the system.
This can be modified by providing the =FUNCTIONAL_CLIENT_BROWSER_PATH=
environment variable (which can contain several pathes, separated with
......@@ -407,6 +418,12 @@ make functional
individual test scripts, to set the =WATIR_BROWSER_PATH= environment
Other environment variables that can be specified to tune the default behaviour
- =WATIR_CHROME= :: should be set to something evaluated to =True= (/e.g./ 1) if the
tests must be launched using Chrome
- =WATIR_MARIONETTE= :: should be set to something evalued to =True= (/e.g. 1/)
if the tests must be launched on a recent Firefox version (> 45)
**** Headless mode
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