Commit ab1e8ea4 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud do not overwrite the .h file when the content is the same

Before this commit, vidjil.o was always recompiled.
parent de312542
git log -1 --pretty=format:'#define GIT_VERSION "%h (%cd)"' --date=short --abbrev-commit > git-version.h 2> /dev/null
git log -1 --pretty=format:'#define GIT_VERSION "%h (%cd)"' --date=short --abbrev-commit > ${GITV_H_TMP} 2> /dev/null
# Replace the file only when the new file is different
diff ${GITV_H} ${GITV_H_TMP} || mv ${GITV_H_TMP} ${GITV_H}
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