Commit a5af1953 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert

main.js appease the linter

The linter was failing the CI pipeline due to the multi-line string.
Instead just use an array of strings that we join to build the final

See #3606
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......@@ -54,23 +54,23 @@ try {
/* use template to create DOM elements from string */
var template = document.createElement('template');
template.innerHTML = "<div id=\"visu-separator\" >...\
<div class=\"visu2_menu_anchor devel-mode\">\
<div class=\"visu2_menu\">\
<div class=\"visu2_menu_content\">\
<label for=\"visu2_mode_sp\" onclick=\"switch_visu2('scatterplot')\">\
<input id=\"visu2_mode_sp\" name=\"visu2_mode\" type=\"radio\"/>\
<label for=\"visu2_mode_gr\" onclick=\"switch_visu2('graph')\">\
<input id=\"visu2_mode_gr\" name=\"visu2_mode\" type=\"radio\" checked/>\
template.innerHTML = ["<div id=\"visu-separator\" >...",
"<div class=\"visu2_menu_anchor devel-mode\">",
"<div class=\"visu2_menu\">",
"<div class=\"visu2_menu_content\">",
"<label for=\"visu2_mode_sp\" onclick=\"switch_visu2('scatterplot')\">",
"<input id=\"visu2_mode_sp\" name=\"visu2_mode\" type=\"radio\"/>",
"<label for=\"visu2_mode_gr\" onclick=\"switch_visu2('graph')\">",
"<input id=\"visu2_mode_gr\" name=\"visu2_mode\" type=\"radio\" checked/>",
var separator = template.content.firstChild;
var panel_instructions = [{'mid-container': ["left-container", "visu-container"]},"bot-container"];
vmi.setupPanels(panel_instructions, document.body);
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