Commit a484f035 authored by Mikaël Salson's avatar Mikaël Salson

browser/test/QUnit: Testing germlines

parent aa722c59
test("germline_data : ", function() {
// Those tests should fail whenever we change the structure of germline.js
ok(typeof(germline_data) != "undefined", "germline_data should be loaded")
ok(typeof(germline_data['systems']) != "undefined", "germline_data should have a systems entry")
ok(typeof(germline_data['systems']['IGH']) != "undefined", "germline_data should have an IGH entry")
equal(typeof(germline_data['systems']['AZE']), "undefined", "germline_data should not have an AZE entry")
equal(germline_data['species'], "Homo sapiens", "species in germline_data is Homo sapiens")
test("GermlineList : ", function() {
gl = new GermlineList();
ok(gl.getColor('IGH') != "", "IGH should have a color")
ok(gl.getColor('IGH+') != "", "IGH+ should have a color")
ok(gl.getColor('TRG') != "", "TRG should have a color")
ok(gl.getColor('IGL') != "", "IGL should have a color")
equal(gl.getColor('AZE'), "", "AZE should not have a color")
ok(gl.getShortcut('IGH') != "", "IGH should have a shortcut")
ok(gl.getShortcut('IGH+') != "", "IGH+ should have a shortcut")
ok(gl.getShortcut('TRG') != "", "TRG should have a shortcut")
ok(gl.getShortcut('IGL') != "", "IGL should have a shortcut")
equal(gl.getShortcut('AZE'), "x", "AZE should not have a shortcut")
gl.add({'AZE': { 'shortcut': '$', 'color': '#ffffff'}})
equal(gl.getColor('AZE'), "#ffffff", "AZE should have a color")
equal(gl.getShortcut('AZE'), "$", "AZE should have a shortcut")
......@@ -101,5 +101,6 @@
<script src="./testFiles/list_test.js"></script>
<script src="./testFiles/segmenter_test.js"></script>
<script src="./testFiles/tools_test.js"></script>
<script src="./testFiles/germline_test.js"></script>
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