Commit 91fc4362 authored by Ryan Herbert's avatar Ryan Herbert calculate sum of sets better for redirect

after add, calculate the sum of sets since the length_mapping excludes
types which are of equal numbers in the form, yielding unwanted
behaviour when adding only one of each set, or any combination of one
element of available set types.
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......@@ -438,9 +438,11 @@ def submit():
set_types = vidjil_utils.get_found_types(data)
length_mapping = {}
sum_sets = 0
for set_type in set_types:
helper = mf.get_instance(set_type)
length = len(data[set_type])
sum_sets += length
if length not in length_mapping:
length_mapping[length] = set_type
for p in data[set_type]:
......@@ -505,7 +507,6 @@ def submit():
register_tags(db, set_type, p["id"], p["info"], group_id, reset=reset)
if not error:
sum_sets = sum(length_mapping.keys())
max_num = max(length_mapping.keys())
msg = "successfully added/edited set(s)"
if sum_sets == 1:
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