Commit 90d44855 authored by Mathieu Giraud's avatar Mathieu Giraud Committed by Vidjil Team

remove old unused Makefile

parent 59a1f08a
all: cp deep
mkdir -p data/
scp -pr "vdj:vdj/data/runs/13-0*/*.data" data/
mkdir -p data/run/
scp -pr "vdj:vdj/data/runs/13-0*/run-*" data/run/
ssh vdj "cd vdj/data/runs ; sh cp-deep-data-json"
scp -pr "vdj:vdj/data/runs/export-data" data/
cd data/export-data/13-09 ; python ../../../ 100 out-vidjil/BCD/data.json out-vidjil/Leu+0*/data.json out-vidjil/Leu+1*/data.json out-vidjil/Leu+5*/data.json out-vidjil/Leu+2*/data.json out-vidjil/Leu+[3467]*/data.json
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